Public Transport in India: How it Works

India is one of the places that use public transportation the most. The automobile industry in India continues to grow with an increase in the number of cars that are produced. If you are thinking of traveling to India with your family or friends and want to visit different tourist attractions and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Hindu temples, then you should consider using public transportation.

Below are the different forms of public transportation you can find in India.

Cycle Rickshaw

Cycle Rickshaw This is a type of bicycle that has three wheels and a cover at the back where the passenger sits. It has someone who peddles the bike and can hold two passengers at the back. A cycle rickshaw has been a convenient means of transportation for a long time since India got its independence in the year 1947. It is known to be one of the cheapest ways to move around from one place to another.

Auto Rickshaw

An auto rickshaw is similar to the cycle rickshaw only that it is motorized. Instead of having someone manually cycle, it is an automatically driven. It has an area at the front for the driver and two spaces available for passengers. The auto rickshaw for instance in Mumbai has meters installed in them used to control the fare for the traveled distance. There is a law which states that drivers can’t charge past a certain limit for the fare specified. They are also not allowed to charge night-fare before it clocks midnight. Drivers are not allowed to be choosy about the locations they visit, meaning that they can go anyplace that the customer requests.

Auto Rickshaw

If you are in Kolkata or Mumbai, you need to know that there are specific places that auto rickshaws can’t visit. In places such as Chennai, the drivers usually charge higher fares than the recommended ones. They even refuse to use the fare meters.

While at the railway station or the airport in cities such as Bangalore and Chennai, if you want to pay a fixed amount for your fare, look for the auto booths and pay there.


trams in India

Trams are another form of public transportation that runs on rails which are put on public roads. Usually, they are powered using electricity through the overhead cables which power the trams. They were introduced in Kolkata and Mumbai by the British Colonialists as a way of transportation which is free from emissions.

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When you travel to India, you can either request for a taxi using your phone, or get one from the taxi stands. If you are in Bangalore or Ahmedabad, you will need to hire a cab through your phone.

taxis in India

The government regulations require all taxis to have a meter installed in them. A passenger will pay for services such as requesting for a taxi late in the night, toll taxes or if you have extra luggage that can’t fit in the cab.


If you are looking for a convenient and cheap way to travel, then you should consider using the bus. One of the common ways to travel in India is by bus.

Bus in India

Green Bus in India


Trains in India

The suburban railway transports close to six million passengers in a day. It is the primary rail system used in India. It shares lines used by other passengers and other trains traveling long distances. Another introduction to the public transport system is the metro.

trains in India